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The P.U.R.E Generation (PAPERBACK)

What is the P.U.R.E GENERATION? The P.U.R.E GENERATION are those who are committed to living a life of Purity, a life that is Uncompromising in the truth of God’s word, possessing a Radical LOVE that strives to mimic that of Christ, and that this life of True purpose and God given destiny is for available for EVERYONE! Living a P.U.R.E life calls us out of our comfort zones. It calls us to be warriors, to be heroes, rescuers, to fulfill our God-given destiny, to take risks, to be adventurous and to love fully. It is a life of purpose and passion. It is a life that is truly lived. It is a life that leaves a legacy and it is a life that follows the call and leading of Christ. Learn how to live a P.U.R.E life and how to impact your world for Christ!

The P.U.R.E Generation (PAPERBACK)

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